Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my items?

Every item I offer is handmade. Some are made in small batches and stocked, however most items are MADE TO ORDER and require time to create. This takes between 4 - 9 work days depending on complexity and current orders in the queue. After your items are made, they will be shipped. It normally takes an estimated 3-5 days for transit time once shipped, you WILL receive a tracking number. Shippers may have delays due to weather or other circumstances out of their control.

What is Argentium Silver?

Argentium Silver is a superior, high performance silver with a number of unique properties. These properties differentiate Argentium Silver from traditional Sterling silver. Traditional Sterling silver is .925 fine silver with a .075 mix of copper. The copper is what causes traditional silver to tarnish. Argentium Silver is .935 fine silver, the remaining .065 is Germanium. This unique combination causes the silver to be more resistant to tarnishing, and hypoallergenic. You can find out more about Argentium Silver here http://www.ArgentiumSilver.com

Are my items gift wrapped?

Yes! Your items will be presented in a box or gift bag with tissue paper and ribbon. Ready to give to your special recipient.

Why does my item look a little different than pictured on the web?

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of glaze surfaces, and the lighting conditions when the picture was taken, their appearance may vary to a slight degree. Each piece is handmade, therefore any unique elements are something to embrace as it makes this piece one of a kind.

Why use Porcelain?

Porcelain is an extremely hard and durable material - great for jewelry! Items made of porcelain should wear beautifully for years. I create all my own porcelain pieces which allows me to finish them in a multitude of ways. There are literally 1000's of glaze colors and surfaces to choose from. Take it a step further and add original designs by hand painting, or silk screening and it affords me endless opportunites to be creative!

What if I don't know my ring or bracelet size?

This is no problem! Download my helpful ring sizer chart here and print it off, follow some simple directions and find your perfect size.

Why give back?

It a nut shell...because I want to help. I’m not a health care worker, a front line person, or an essential worker of any kind. I’m an artist who feels paralyzed, sequestered in my home/studio and not able to directly help...until finally a simple solution came to me. Why not donate a generous amount of my proceeds to a wonderful charity that makes a difference to so many? So feel good about your purchase knowing you will also be helping someone in need.