This product is a Jewelry Tutorial for a fused Knot Ring using Argentium or Fine Silver.  This tutorial is in downloadable PDF format. You will need a PDF reader to enable viewing of the file.


In this step-by-step guide you will be guided through the process of creating these lovely fused knot rings using Argentium Silver or Fine Silver.  Includes 17 pages of clear instructions with detailed pictures. It also includes sizing - a handy chart so you can scale your work using different wire sizes. 


PREREQUISITES: You must have basic metalsmith skills for this tutorial to be of help to you.  You should have prior knowledge and experience with jewelry making; using a torch, fusing, soldering, annealing, quenching, cleaning, sawing and polishing.  This guide uses fusing and soldering techniques.



8” 12 Gauge (2.1mm) 1/2 hard Fine Silver or Argentium wire 

Medium Solder (for whichever metal choosen) and flux



Sharpie and/or scribe, Ruler, Tape

Rawhide or synthetic hammer

Wooden block

Ring Mandrel with sizes 

Soldering Station - torch, blocks, titanium solder pick, quenching pot, pickle pot, third-hand tweezers

Jewelers Saw and lubricating wax or oil 

Files - Half Round Ring File, Needle File (optional) 

Pliers : (2) Flat Nose and/or Parallel

Flush Cut Pliers 

Stepped Bail Pliers, or bail pliers with size 4mm 

Sand Paper - Medium (220) and fine (600)

Soft Brass Brush 

Safety Equipment as necessary in accordance with personal, studio, environment, tools and materials usage (including but not limited to - safety glasses, mask, apron, proper ventilation, fire extinguishers, etc. etc. etc.) 

Optional - Dremel, Flexshaft or other interchangeable tool for sanding and polishing.


How the instant download works:

This tutorial is in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader to enable viewing of the file. Once payment is received, you will be able to download the file. If you don't receive it shortly after making your payment, please contact me.


This is a straight forward, easy to use guide. If you don't understand something, please don't hesitate to contact me. My email is also in the tutorial. I am more than happy to help you figure out anything that may not be clear. I appreciate the opportunity to assist if needed. 

Knot Ring Tutorial