This handcrafted contemporary necklace is a one of a kind silver and porcelain piece of art.  It's made from Argentium Silver and handmade, kiln fired porcelain pieces.  The colors are medium blue, light blue, greenish, sand color and a hint of natural brown. 


There are two distinctive porcelain pieces the large one measuring approximately 1" x 1.5" wrapped in silver.  


The back features a cut out of a fern and a fiddle head (fern sprout). 


The 20" heavy chain is made from Argentium Silver and has a handmade "S" hook clasp.  


Finished with a highly polished silver surface.


Argentium Silver .935 is known for it's resistance to tarnishing and kindness to people with sensitive skin.  Porcelian is revered for it's stability, hardness and high tolerance to wear.

Ocean and Sand Necklace

SKU: 0019
  • Materials: Argentium Silver .935, Porcelain, Glazes

    Approx. Length: 22"



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